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Frequently Asked Questions

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Q. How much will an estimate cost?

A. Estimates are free.

Q. What do I need to get and estimate for excavating work?

A. New homes require a site visit with the home plans. Septic System require a permit from the Health department

Q. Can I get a rough price without a site visit?

A. It is very difficult to get an accurate estimate without knowing the site contours and soil conditions.

Q. How much material do I need?

A. Each job will require a different amount of material and application. We work with our customers to establish the best materials, quantities, and application to meet there budget.

Q. What is the difference between processed road gravel and crushed concrete?

A. Processed road gravel (22A and 23A) is a naturally based mined product that is crushed to create a proper base for gravel and asphalt driveways and roads. Crushed concrete (22ACC) is a recycled product from cured concrete. It is processed and crushed similar to road gravel and has many of the same properties.